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OK, I have some good news. I have made a resolution to once again upload every day!

I have been a little down on myself for not reaching the new years resolution that I made for myself last year. I wanted to be able to draw photorealistically by the end of 2010. I don’t need to tell you that did not quite come true; the example above being the definitive proof.

this is why I have set myself a different new years resolution for 2011.

I will simply in all it’s sincerity try to upload every day from now to make an upload every day for an entire year. I will also create a blog on which these drawing will be featured.

Here is hoping that I can keep my promise.


I feel dirty…. this feels so wrong.

I saw Twilight eclipse yesterday. I have spent 2 hours wrapped in emo vampires and bad CGI werewolf…. and here is my dirty little confession. I didn’t hate it… god that felt wrong to say.

Though the main plot-line between Bella and that pussy vampire who won’t bone her, was boring and kind of cliche; the whole thing was kind entertaining in a non intentional kind of way.

But I have to admit that the funniest thing was looking at the audience.

Walking in to the theater I was immediately hit be the fog of teenage hormones that clouded the room. Every brand of tween was there, from emo’s over poser-skaters to teen bimboes (you know, the Paris Hilton look-a-likes); all of them in the company of their parents. Th oddest thing was spotting the weird characters among these tween freaks, actual grown people who had chosen to see this terrible movie.

For one, there were several groups of guys about my age that had gone to see this chick flick, which surprised me quite a bit. Also next to me was a woman sitting utterly alone crying in to her cola. The audience alone was worth the movie ticket… Which, if anybody asks, I got half-off; otherwise I would have gone to see that god awful movie.

Do you remember batchelor no. 1 from the 11th? Well, if you don’t you will…

We had that great first date where we drank allot and danced. Then he blew me off in favour of laundry on our second date and all this, after I had worked myself in to a tissie.

Well, despite my better judgement and the fact that he blew me off, I went on a second date.
And it sucked ass.
It turns out that being drunk is a big help when meeting someone. The alcohol enduced haze makes someone seem interesting, when really they are a trully humungus bore.

Sitting across from him in a beautiful sunlit square, seeing the sun glisten in the fresh cola I had just ordered, the only thing I could think was: “I need to get the f*ck out of here”.
It turned out shaking him was not as easy as I thought it would be, because he was in to me… I had to go shopping with him, all the while trying to figure out a polite way to get out of dodge. Finally I gave him some weak excuse about my cat and left in a hurry.

Well, My phone hasn’t been silent since. He seems quite eager to reconect and herein lies my prediciment.

Now, he may be a tedius bore and I may want to reach across the table and stable his moth shut every time he opens it, but he is the only man that has shown even a bit of interest in me for a while. So my thought is I could play him like a fiddle and maybe get some sex out of this… does that ake me a bad person?

OK, so it is no suprise that I am a little tired of drawing me, after having done that for a week. Therefore I introduce to you; the temporary fix!

Yes this fantastic character will reaigh, until I come up with something beter. And don’t tell me he looks like someone, because I might have to kill you.

I hope you like the character, because I cant work any longer on him. And I have allot to talk abou that os not character design.

So strap your self in for some… well, lets say fun


I am a sap… Actually, I’m a huge sap.


I love those truly sentimental ballads. You know the shameless kind, like “everybody hurts” or “all by my self”. It is really shameful to be sitting on a train of on a bus and realize that you have been humming along to Christina Aguilera’s “you’re beautiful”.


Yes, it is terrible, but at least I am owning it… well sort of.


Here on deviant art I can admit it in some kind of anonymity, but in real life I always make excuses, and they are always lame. I will say stuff like “I really hate that song, it’s just on my mind” or “no, I’m not crying, I just got something in my eye”.


This confession comes on the back of me watching my favorite internet short “Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog”. By the end of this musical I was sobbing so loudly in to my shirt that my cat came around, to see what the commotion was.

This is why I felt that the entire thing needed to be commemorated with a little piece of fan art.


I hope you enjoyed my sad little confession.


do you ever get so frustrated that you just have to draw a killer robot? Me too…


After spending almost a week looking for my new style I kind of gave up and though “f*ck it, I’m gonna draw something meaningless”.


So I introduce to you the HymenBuster 3000. This innovative piece of technology is the ultimate destruction device. It has a flamethrower attached to one side and a drill to the other, for ultimate convenience when slaughtering. Both weapons are attached by a sturdy bit of cobber wiring that will keep the hull fresh and clean.


The robot has a cute and cuddly face that will lure your opponents in, but as soon as they go to hug it, the lava spewing nuzzle on the front of the machine will enable you inflict pain like nothing you have ever seen.


But that is not all, If you order now you get a full set of stake knives and my personal guarantee that this is the best deal you will ever see… No refunds.

I have to be honest and say, that this is far from the final result. I am not in love with this drawing, but I am in like… and that is half way there.

Expect some mayor changes to the character.

For example; I am fat. Now this is something that I have underplayed in my previous work. To be honest, I didn’t think it was important. Lately,though, I have started to realize that my physical appearance may not be helping me setting some.

I am not saying that I will lose weight right this instant, I am just saying, that maybe my deviant art avatar should mirror my me a little bit better.

I hope you enjoy this, because you are going to see more in the same vane.

OK, this is my third try and I am getting a bit antsy. Why cant I find something that fits me. I thought epic manga would be just up my alley. Come on, who hasn’t wanted to be a samurai slaughtering innocent bystanders, just for the fun of it.

But I have to say now, that it is an reality, I am just not feeling it. It may have something to do with the fact that every time I try to draw my self as a manga character I look more like hello kitty than Sephiroth… I wanted to be Sephiroth… god dammit.

I promise that this whole drawing identity crisis will be over soon and I can go back to talking about my very unsuccessful sex life

As a child of the early 90’s I grew up with classics such as super mario bros, commander keen and alley cat. those games will always occupy a special place in my heart, mainly the place that I reserve for old teddy bears and Disney movies.

As a style for self expression I would call it… interesting. It was fun to do, but it may not be the most expressive form of illustration out there. For one I have no idea how I would draw sex, if I finally get some. At least it wouldn’t look that titilating.

I am afraid that I will have to keep looking, however much I do love this particular style. I hope you will bare with me as I keep trying.

OK, there is one thing you should know about me. I am a Disney freak… I mean it… it’s not even funny.

I know all the songs to all of my favorite Disneymovies by heart and even hereon devianart some of my favorite artists are Disney related. I love Chris Sanders and David Kawena (this drawing is even very strongly based on one of his work.)

now I know my potential, I sadly I cannot yet draw like a Disney animator would. So consider this wishful thinking. Maybe it’s all for the best, There would be something quite disturbing about a story of a 24 year old virgin Disney prince… or would that be cool?